When I hold a set of runes in my hand and feel that tingle of one of them calling me, it is the call of an old and incredibly wise friend.  An initiator, a mentor, a sponsor on my life’s journey.  They bring something new and valuable every time.  Whenever I need advice, or a helping hand or a great big push from the universe they remind me who I am, and who I want to be.  They help me ignore all the ‘noise’ out there so I can hear the voice of my own soul again.  They are present in the language I am using right now, their shapes are all around me and I feel them written within me. 

Awakening to the Runes launched this weekend as my offering to the global community of people who feel the northern tradition calling them.  It represents the best I have to offer you after 25 years of rune work.  Maybe you feel it in your land, or your heritage, or your language.  Maybe your spiritual path is well-trodden and they have been on your horizon for a while.  Maybe they just announced themselves one day and said ‘right, let’s get started’.  There are very few people who find their way to my pages without the runes having guided them here in the first place.  So if you’re here visit the programme page and take a moment to consider whether Awakening is for you.  If you’re not sure get in touch and ask – or join me at one of the free introduction sessions available for sign-up on the programme page.         

The lovely people who have already joined the programme are already generously sharing their learning and experiences with each other in our group forum.  If you’re feeling that little tingle of connection then maybe this is your time?  Don’t just take my word for it – here’s a little feedback from an early starter

‘loving it already have watched all the orientation videos can feel my kenning hoard opening’. 

What’s a kenning hoard?  Ask me on one of the free introduction sessions – but I promise you’ve already got one…   

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