I continue to be awed and amazed by the huge dreams and hearts of the people I work with.  Holding on to your vision for a world that brings out the best in humanity and supports all life on our planet is hard work.  Bringing it into manifestation is even harder.  So today I’m here to remind you that Big Dreams need Deep Roots.  In fact, I’m re-naming this blog just that because it’s SO IMPORTANT.

Time tending to yourself is never wasted.  Take that walk in nature, listen to the journeying track you flagged to yourself last month, write your diary, light a candle, sing just because you love it, dance in candlelight, do a naming you ancestors ceremony.  Whatever you need to keep your roots strong and healthy.  Make time both for the little daily rituals that remind you who you are and bigger moments of exploration that tell you all you could be.

So many of us are powering through right now, grabbing a snack standing up if we’re lucky and giving as much of our energy as we can to causes and people that matter to us.  And that’s okay.  That’s what heroic people do day in, day out.  But at some point you’re going to have to take a breath.  The world needs you to be a sustainable hero after all.

If you do nothing else today just breathe. In and out. Slow it down.  Remember that fundamental partnership of life you’re participating in every minute: what you breathe in trees breathe out, what they breathe out you breathe in.  Just receive for a minute to remind yourself that you can.  Then make yourself this little affirmation:  For everything I’m giving right now, I’m ready to receive that same care and support in return.  You are not just a fire-fighter.  You are a person with big dreams for your people and your planet who is learning a hell of a lot right now about what needs changing in the world.  Your Big Dreams need Deep Roots.

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