So what would a really deep, energetic, story and song focused Hearthspace for the discovery of runic astrology look like?

  • Would it be full of spoken word explorations of the energies of the planets right now?  You bet it would. 
  • Would it have a private discussion space so you could huddle around the virtual fire and share your insights, questions and experiences?  Yup. 
  • Would it have rune song bundled in to support your meditation, journeying and direct experience of the runes?  Of course. 
  • Would it have explanations of the northern tradition approach to runic astrology and be responsive to your needs and questions?  100% yes. 
  • Would it be open to you to join this very day?  A resounding YES!  This very moment in fact!

The Hearthspace is all about deep connection to ourselves, our solar system and the wisdom tradition of the north.  Just click on the button below to join our new community.  Come and introduce yourself, have a listen, have a read. 

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