I was interviewed last week by the absolutely lovely Erika Maizi author of The Wyrding Way.  You can see the full interview below in which we discuss runes, the Norns, birth runes and wyrd.

Erika’s book tells the inspirational and incredibly beautiful story of her discovery of her own destiny thread through a journey into her roots.  This included sacred embroidery of her Slavic destiny rug,  planting the seeds of her Celtic Birthtree and a journey on the Trans-Siberia Railway through Russia, Kasakhstan and Mongolia.  Her book features a beautiful picture of the Norns which she created herself and I can really feel their power and influence through her work.  She has done some beautiful co-creation interviews with a range of people that you can discover here.  I was particularly inspired by her interview with Irene Manley who runs the shop Mary and Martha Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar supporting local artisans to make a better livelihood.   

You can also sign up to her rune wisdom and soul letters here

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  1. A third voice come’s through loudly on this at 24.08 when Magin is talking about cord cutting coming through the body, does anyone else hear that?

    Sounds like “Seff!”

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