I am really excited to have launched the new Magin Rose runic astrology web page!  Thank you to my runic guineapigs (you know who you are) for helping get it ready for wider release.  

The page contains information about what runic astrology is, where in the runic wheel the Sun and planets are this very minute, and how each planet moves through the runic wheel.  But don’t jump there just yet, there’s more…

If you’ve not already signed up to the newsletter then you’ve still got a couple of days to sign up before the next re-vamped issue.  You’ll get information about working with the Sun/ Moon and runes through the coming month.  It’s also the place to find out about new resources and events from Magin Rose before everyone else.  (There’s one coming next month which you’re going to love!)

Today is the first day of the runic half month of Berkano.  New adventures, new growth, new beginnings!  Exciting times.  

Now’s the time to click…

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