The energy of Perthro is incredibly powerful at the moment. If you are a member of Sunna’s Starwheel you will know that  Hela’s Chariot (Pluto) moved into Perthro in January 2020 and will stay in the rune of wyrd, secrets and song for 9 years.  

As one of the outlier planets in the solar system its movements bring deep shifts with far-reaching consequences.  The planet, and the rune, share common traits: endings and beginnings, karmic upheavals, new opportunities. This time represents a global shift – a move into a new paradigm with old ways being swept away and new forms of leadership, living and love coming through.

A rosier future may seem a long way off right now. Perthro can, at times, signify the waters rising and sweeping away everything in their path.  That scale of change is frightening and can move us into helplessness and despair.  But it is also the rune of the warrior, preparing for battle and the labouring woman.  Both the mother-to-be and the warrior face uncertainty, fear, pain and long, hard work; but there isn’t a single one of us that isn’t descended from men and women who have triumphed through these challenges.

My Perthro rune journey brings to life the traditional* meanings of Perthro for you.  It is also one of the rune journeys I recorded that includes a little bit of rune song to help you connect and find your own meanings. I have to admit it’s one of the journeys I particularly enjoy – brings something new every time.


So what does this new energy require of us and what does it bring? 

The previous nine years represented a process of solidifying.  Old ways of being were particularly strong.  The Eihwaz rune of the world tree and defence made ‘entrenchment’ the main operating mode.  Whatever beliefs and values people held, they held them strongly and purposefully – and in some cases fiercely, stubbornly and aggressively.  Where Eihwaz is the World Tree, Perthro is the Well of Wyrd.  Its energy is fluid, changing, dancing.  It requires and nourishes change and brings new life to the tree.  To thrive within it we must learn the dance, learn how to surrender control and partner more effectively with our earth, each other and the world of spirit.  Think of a salmon in the water, a great martial artist, or a leaf upon the wind – they flow with what is happening around them and harness external energy to achieve motion.  You don’t have to have all the answers, just be open and present to each moment.

This ‘dancing’ motion requires practice.  Daily rituals such as Rune of the Day keep you open.  Attend to your own energy levels and well-being – only then can you provide the care others need.  Connect deeply to yourself, your community and our planet.  Be willing to learn, adapt and occasionally be wrong.  Move: physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually.  Trust in yourself and the universe.  Play and delight in joy, laughter, love, music and the on-going miracle of life.

*Perthro has just a single poem (from the Anglo-Saxon rune poem) and its meaning has been interpreted differently by a range of commentators.  In many ways this is apt for this mysterious, elusive and fluid rune.  

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