Many of you will already know that I have been studying runic astrology for some time.  Early January 2020 saw two major planetary shifts signifying change on a global scale.  Firstly, Hela moved out of the very structured and linear energy of Eihwaz into the fluid, cyclical energy of Perthro.  It will remain in Perthro until January 9th 2029.  Secondly, Loki moved from Jera into Eihwaz where it will remain until transitioning to Perthro on 23rd February 2021. 

For those of you more familiar with the Roman names of the planets Hella is the name for Pluto and Loki for Saturn.  Comparisons between the Germanic and Roman deities will give you some interesting pointers but don’t assume direct correspondences as there are much richer pickings to be found than the thin intersections between these two pantheons. 

Other than the Sun and Moon (which are a separate matter) I see the planets as being named in honour of the Germanic deities rather than being direct ‘channels’ of like for like energy.  Hela and Loki are, for example, both change makers.  In Germanic mythology Hela prepares for Ragnarok – she is the harbinger of the end and, inherently, she is the mother of what lies beyond.  The planet Hela is like that, it signifies the thrust of new paradigms, new zeitgists, new ways of thought and being.  Loki, on the other hand is more of a disruptor.  Things have to be shaken up, cracked apart and super-heated to clear a path for the new.  So, although Hela brings about the new there are still uncomfortable times ahead as the old ways of being resist this re-birthing process.  Loki is right there, in the core of the World Tree, in our very DNA causing a rumpus and taking a match to anything that isn’t going to serve the future.

So what’s coming?  Perthro signifies a more feminine, intuitive paradigm coming into force.  It’s energy is gentler than the changes brought through in the eighties when Hela was in Haglaz and Nauthiz respectively – but it is still an energy of change unlike the more earthy, structured energies of the last 30 years. 

For me, a small but significant shift will be that a new section of the Magin Rose website on Runic Astrology will soon be born.  So you can expect to find more information about the movement of the Earth, Sun, Moon and planets through the runic wheel plus some really exciting opportunities to develop and deepen your relationship with the runes through the Wheel of the Year.  I can’t wait! 

If you would like to be the first to know what’s coming please drop me an email ( or get in touch via the Magin Rose Facebook group.

If you want to get in flow with the changes coming through I have a gift for you!  My newly released pathworking for Haglaz – enjoy!

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