The half month of Wunjo begins on 13th October and completes on 28th October blessing all those born during this time with a soul purpose aligned to joy, pleasure and ecstasy.

Family, friendships, hospitality and social harmony are very important to those with Sunna’s Chariot in Wunjo.  If you are blessed with a Wunjo soul in your life cherish them – because they will cherish you right back and then some.

Wunjo souls are very attentive to those around them which can mislead one into thinking they are all selflessness and martyrdom.  This is incorrect.  Their purpose is harmony, not servitude.  In fact, they make very successful leaders and will happily take tough decisions in service to the greater good.

As an aside it’s also worth noting that for all their commitment to social harmony – Wunjo souls are a little bit competitive.  Words for wishing, desire, hunting, winning and victory can all trace their origins back to Wunjo.  They may well sacrifice for the greater good and get their kicks from the success of their community – but they’ll beat you at Monopoly every time.

Remember that the  perpetual calendar (the one we use day-to-day) has to be adjusted to fit the actual motion of the sun and stars.  If you are born on the cusp of a half-month you may want to check my birth runes pages to make sure your Sun rune is correct.


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