So it’s Friday 13th and the moon is almost full meaning Manni is smiling down on us.  It is also the first day of the half month of Kenaz which, incidentally, peaks at the Equinox.  So let’s talk all things craft, all things cunning, all things clever and all things creative.  If you’re a baker, bake.  If you’re a crafter, craft.  If you’re a writer, write.  You get the picture.

Souls born during this half month are born to create.  They often have exceptional technical or artistic ability which makes them the envy of others.  The element of fire which is the primary element for Kenaz drives them to innovate, transform and change in the material, intellectual and spiritual spheres.  They cannot resist tinkering to make something just that little bit better.  For some, their talent just seems to occur naturally but, for many, their artistry is the result of practice perfected over many years.  The Kenaz soul is not afraid of hard work.

For those of you attracted to the highly gifted Kenaz soul there are rich rewards available to you.  Just remember that if you get in between the Smith and his Forge at the wrong moment you are liable to get burned.  In other words, give those Kenaz babies their space – and if you’re lucky you’ll get a really nice present at the end of their (many) creative sprees.

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