So I’m a little bit in love with the Raidho rune and all the souls born between 29th August and 13th September.  Maybe it’s because Raidho is my First Thread (earth sign) so I feel right at home with these harmonious, orderly individuals.  I mean who doesn’t like a walk in nature, or a beautifully ordered ritual?

If I’m totally honest these outward manifestations of Raidho’s ordering nature are more resonant with the Raidho earth signature anyway.  Raidho sun babies can manifest all the external trappings of the rune of order and right action; but the essence of the rune runs deeper in them.  Harmony and connectedness are the call-signs of the Raidho sun-child.    

High levels of organisation are just an outward manifestation of the beautifully balanced and attuned Raidho soul.  Whatever outward juggling act they may be performing, part of them is walking barefoot on the beach under a starry sky or drumming in the tide at sunset.  One of the best ways for a Raidho soul to connect back into themselves is walking barefoot upon the earth.

You will have seen on the Raidho rune page that the traditional deities associated with Raidho are Ing, Thor and Hermod.  To me Sunna and Manni, the charioteers of the sun and moon are also strong contenders.  As they trace their paths across the sky I sense both a wild freedom and an unbreakable connection to the cosmic order within them.  Sunna is, in many ways, more self disciplined than her pale brother.  She never veers off course and is rarely distracted by the antics of man or the wolves who eternally pursue her and Manni.  This single-mindedness is a trait of those with the Sun in Raidho.

If you are a Raidho sun-child remember to maintain your connection to the cosmic order.  Feel the earth beneath your feet, the pull of the tides, the phases of the moon and the rising and setting of the sun.  Pay attention to your own circadian rhythms.  Active connection to the cycles of space and time strengthens your soul purpose and ability to realise your heroic destiny.

Working with the Raidho rune is recommended for anyone feeling out of kilter with themselves, stressed, over-burdened, and unable to take back control.  Progress is all about setting the right pace.

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  1. This is really helpful, thank you. I feel unbalanced and overwhelmed a lot, so Raidho’s call for nature and rhythm by connecting back with the inner ritual and nature is very powerful

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