Ansuz, the fourth rune, is Odin’s rune and those born with Sunna’s chariot in Ansuz could do much worse than looking to his influence and guidance for support in understanding their nature and heroic purpose. Magician, traveller, adventurer, trickster, hunter, king, sage – Odin has many names, many faces and many disguises.

  • a writer’s retreat
  • read a truly loved book
  • clear out the clutter, make room for the new
  • singing, breath exercises
  • try something new, pretty much anything new (particularly if it scares you a bit)
  • when out in nature, dedicate some time to awareness of the smells around you

To honour the power of Ansuz in your life try the following:


The runes and the mysteries of the northern tradition conjointly form one of the most vibrant and versatile pathways to personal evolution and spiritual growth available to humanity today.