This is for all the 21st century soul-warriors born between 14th and 29th July. Here’s a little bit about the Uruz heroic self. Enjoy and if you like it read the birth runes page, visit my shop for calculations and oracles or get in contact (email and Facebook group on the right).

Out there in the world right now are heroes doing the work of Uruz.  Here are just some of the things they might channel their energies into:

  • Fitness training and, in particular, weight training, endurance, yoga
  • Forestry, crop and habitat diversification
  • Recycling, re-purposing, re-using
  • Archaeology, geology
  • Preservation, animal protection, species re-introduction
  • Physiotherapy, health professionals (in particular for musculoskeletal issues)
  • Sustainability, renewable energy, carbon neutral building, eco-living, innovations in civic engineering and architecture
  • Water purification, detoxification

~ More about Uruz ~

Did you know that while your Sun rune dictates your heroic purpose, your First Thread tells you more about what you’re good at and your lunar rune helps you find personal fulfilment.

Bring a little heroic Uruz energy into your life today.  Pick up a piece of litter, recycle it.

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