And so the runic wheel turns to one of the scary runes… Thurisaz.  I should warn you that there are Thurisaz souls out there right now.  Born between 29th July and 13th August these giant hearted, unconventional, lovable and often unpredictable beings can be frightening indeed.  You do not want to get on their wrong sides.  You do not want to enrage them.  But get one on your side and you are sorted for life.

You will not find another being more passionate, loyal or committed to your cause.  That’s not to say they won’t tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong every second of the day.  But it will always be with love.  A sort of prickly, bear hug, in your face kind of love. 

One of the things I’ve noticed about people with Sunna’s Chariot in Thurisaz is that children absolutely adore them.  Maybe they can see better the true magnificence of the Thurisaz soul. Here are some Thurisaz thoughts whilst waiting at the bus stop: Why do I have to get up at the same time as everyone else? Why do I have to go to bed when everyone else does? Why do we have to wear clothes anyway? Ooooooooh, that person looking at me looks sad/interesting/sexy – I could hug them RIGHT NOW. No wonder children like them.

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