I’ve been informed in no uncertain terms that this year is going to be a year of epic awesomeness for the runes and all who work with them.  So let’s get down to business and connect all the 21st century soul-warriors out there with their runic Hero Makers.

Today is the turn of Fehu, so for all the babies born 29th June – 14th July this is for you.

Out there in the world right now are heroes doing the work of Fehu.  Here are just some of the things they might channel their energies into:

  • Not for profits, ethical banking and fund raising
  • Charity shops (all of them, but Fehu specially loves bling)
  • Community cafes, homeless shelters, food banks
  •  Sustainable and rare breed farming
  • Ethical jewellery and fashion
  • Solar energy, geo energy and other forms of renewable energy
  • Reiki and energy healing
  • Massage, accupuncture
  • Seidr work, trance work, spiritualism, magical practices

Bring a little heroic Fehu energy into your life today.  Take a coin.  Bless it with abundance and  prosperity.  Give it away to someone who needs it.

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