Rune of the Day is a perfect technique for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Pick a rune, see what happens.

I started using this technique because I wanted to see what effect consciously bringing a particular rune into my life each day would have. It is a great way to learn the the meanings and symbolism behind the rune and makes you far more sensitive to their distinctive presences and energies.

The technique

  1. Pick one rune at the beginning of the day. You can do this in the morning or the night before (the runes originate from a culture that viewed day as starting at nightfall). 
  2. Remind yourself of the different meanings behind the rune using your favourite rune book or, of course, the Elder Futhark rune pages on this site! 
  3. For the rest of the day you want to try and do some or all of the following:

  • Look for the energy of your rune around you and welcome it in.  For example, if you picked Wunjo a friend or family member may get in contact – take time to enjoy it.
  • Give the rune an opportunity to enter your life.  For Laguz you
    might take a long bath or go out in the rain, for Jera you might reflect on all the changes that have happened to you in the last year and how much you
    have achieved.
  • Embody the rune.  Think about its qualities and how you as a person embody them.  How often does that nature of that rune express itself through you?  How does it make you feel?  For Nauthiz you might think about what you really need and whether you are allowing yourself to get it.  For Gebo you could
    focus on generosity – how freely do you give of yourself and how easily do you accept help, support and companionship from others?  If you spot that you are out of balance do at least one thing that day to set yourself to rights.

When you read up on the rune it is likely that particular concepts will speak to you more than others.  Don’t force yourself to focus on the ones that don’t resonate, let them simmer at the back of your mind and see whether they mean more to you at the end of the day.  You might get stuck with a rune that doesn’t speak to you at all or which seems difficult to work with.  

Many people have runes they simply don’t get on with. Rune of the day is a really helpful way of identifying which runes speak to you, which sing and which are hiding grumpily in the corner or shyly waiting their turn. Good luck in getting to know them all that little bit better!

Random rune generator

If you don’t have your rune bag handy you can use the Magin Rose random rune generator.  I have always been sceptical of random online fortune generators but I used this one for the first time when revising this article for re-publication and it gave me Dagaz, the rune of the day.

This post was first published by Magin Rose in 2010

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