Journey with Nauthiz now available

I’m very excited to be releasing this half-month’s rune journey.  Nauthiz is a much misunderstood rune.  As the rune of necessity it is often equated with suffering, challenge and difficulty.  Yes, these things are an inherent part of its nature – but they are also the things that bring out the very best in human beings.  There is no greater gift of trust we can place in another person than to share our needs with them.

If you enjoy this journey why not visit the Nauthiz page to read more about it and access my Nauthiz meditation?  Your support for my work is also very much appreciated.

The eagle eyed of you will have spotted the absence of the Hagalaz meditation due for release two weeks ago.  It should have come as no surprise to me that the rune of destruction and disruption should have laid some challenges in my way.  I will get the recording published as soon as practical – even if I have to re-record it from scratch!

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