Sunna’s Chariot moved into Wunjo on 16th October at 6:20am GMT.  Wunjo is the rune of friendship, family, joy, ecstasy and poetry.  I love the energy of Wunjo which seems so fragile and ephemeral on the surface but really packs a punch once you immerse yourself within it.  When I chant the rune I start to feel quite bouncy after the first twenty or so iterations, once you get beyond that it becomes quite heady as the gold energy of the rune swells within your voice and body.

The first half of Wunjo’s half month sit within Glitnir, Forsetti’s Hall.  This makes 16th-23rd October an excellent time for seeking resolution and fostering harmony within relationships where there has been conflict.  At Wunjo’s peak Sunna’s Chariot moves from Forsetti’s Hall into Odin’s Hall, Gladsheim.  This shifts Wunjo’s focus from friends and family inwards as the soul thirsts for ecstatic contact with the divine.  Poetry, music and song are all excellent ways of letting the energies of Wunjo give your soul wings.

The planet Odin has transitioned out of Wunjo and into Hagalaz where it will remain through this half month.  This is a reminder to us all to be charitable and hospitable.  Take time to listen to your friends and family, never neglect an opportunity to help someone else in need and always endeavour to make anticipated and unexpected guests welcome.  Odin is fond of travelling in disguise through Midgard and loves nothing more than checking we are being good hosts.  He will reward a good host with laughter, wisdom and gifts and punish those he finds wanting.  At the end of this this month Odin will ride abroad as Samhain opens the half month of Hagalaz.  The trick or treaters on your doorstep are a modern reminder of an ancient ritual of welcoming one and all with a ‘treat’.

Gebo reaches its peak at 23.20 GMT on 23rd October.  Manni’s Chariot is waxing to full within Mannaz on 24th making Wunjo extra powerful and suggesting Manni will be inclined to hear prayers sent his way. 

Wunjo will give way to Hagalaz on 31st October at 7:52am GMT.