Sunna’s Chariot moved into Gebo on 1st October 2am GMT.  Gebo brings us into closer relationship with the divine and helps us understand the natural laws of cause and effect.  It is the rune of gift giving, exchange and promises.

In the Wheel of the Year Gebo sits within Glitnir, Forsetti’s Hall.  With the move into Gebo Forsetti may be called on to mediate and ensure fair outcomes.  Don’t forget to offer Forsetti something in exchange for his wisdom!

2018 has seen a long period of challenge, uncertainty and impasse.  This is slowly easing and Gebo’s traditional patron, Gefion is an excellent deity to work with if you are looking to ensure a fruitful harvest for your labours.   

Thor will transition out of Hagalaz and into Nauthiz this half month.  Hagalaz has seen private and public, personal and political circumstances cycling through indecision, uncertainty and crisis.  With Nauthiz comes greater clarity as uncertainty gives way to necessity.  Nauthiz is by no means more comfortable than Hagalaz but it does force the hand to action.  Manni’s Chariot is in waning phase until the new moon on 9th October.  The chaotic, disruptive forces of Hagalaz and Nauthiz will be at full strength during the darker nights so hunker down with a hot chocolate until the Moon’s Shield grows bright once more. 

Frigg has transitioned into Hagalaz and will be in retrograde when Gebo reaches the peak of its power.  This suggests that you might expect conflict, or at least change in the spheres of family, hearth, love and personal relationships.  You will remember I suggested getting some gifts ready for your loved ones during the half month of Kenaz: now is a good time to use them!  Whilst I am not entirely comfortable with the ‘gendering’ of runes found in many modern books, I cannot deny that there is a definite female quality emanating through Hagalaz, Nauthiz and Frigga retrograde.  Viewed negatively this might suggest women will experience, or cause, much of the disruption at play.  Viewed positively we might say this is a perfect time for women to give their wild side an airing.

Odin has transitioned into Gebo making this a very auspicious time for Gebo’s energies as Odin, the deity, is Gebo’s patron.  Now is an excellent time to undertake meditative practice, devotional and ritual.  The gifts Gebo offers in this way are those of wisdom, insight and a re-balancing of the psyche. 

To honour and harness the energy of Gebo meditate on the natural forces of wind and water.  Meditation on the breath is also particularly helpful for this rune of transformative exchange.  For body work try star jumps as well as lying on the ground gazing at the sky with your body in the ‘star’ position (I find this particularly liberating).  Give gifts to those you love freely and without thought of recompense.  Don’t forget to include yourself within your gift giving.  Promises made at this time are also particularly powerful: as long as you keep them. 

Gebo reaches its peak at 8.20 GMT on 8th October.  Manni’s Chariot will be passing through Kenaz and so hot on the heals of Sunna’s Chariot.  This bodes well for the remainder of the half month of Gebo.

Gebo will give way to Wunjo on  16th October at 6:20am GMT.