Sunna’s Chariot moves into Kenaz at 17.51 GMT Saturday 15th September 2018; it peaks at the  Autumn Equinox.  Where Berkano is a rune of quantity bringing growth and expansion at the Spring Equinox, Kenaz is a rune of quality.  It burns away the dross and pairs things down to their essential nature.  It is a rune of crafting, artistry, healing and knowledge.

Within the northern hemisphere Wheel of the Year Kenaz sits at the Autumn Equinox.  The leaves on the trees turn as red as the coals in the forge and as golden as the flames.  In the 24 hour cycle Kenaz peaks at sunset when the sky is at its most jewel-like.  Kenaz is the internal transformation that takes place when you turn the pages of a great book and the external transformation that occurs when the body is wounded, scarred and aged during life’s adventure.

Kenaz is the craftsperson, the craft, and the end product.  It brings skill, experience and transformative processes to the Futhark.  The first half of the month falls under Sokkvabekk, Saga’s Hall and the second under Glitnir, Forsetti’s Hall.  As the recorder of history and stories Saga looks backwards towards the past and sets what she sees within her created narratives.  This week is therefore a great time to write, or read, historically based texts.   Glitnir is of gold and silver, it shines with the smithing gifts of Kenaz making the second week of this half month an excellent time for forge-based handicrafts.  Forsetti himself is a judge and mediator.  Now is an excellent time to seek his guidance in healing old grievances and transforming stagnant relationships.  Forsetti’s influence will continue with us through the half month of Gebo (gifts and oaths) and Wunjo (family and kin).

The retrograde motion which has impeded action through much of this runic cycle so far continues but is steadily easing.  Kenaz is a rune of creativity but also of friction, stress and manifestation of both the positive and negative energies lying beneath the surface.  Where we have felt a sense of inertia or blocking earlier in the cycle we may now start to feel the impact.  If your expected harvest is not as abundant as you had hoped know that you are not alone.  Saga counsels you to remember what has been achieved and Forsetti advises you to be gentle with yourself and others. 

The good news is that Loki has moved out of retrograde in Jera.  Anyone familiar with the Norse myths will tell you that Loki can thwart pretty much any plan if he wants to but, equally, he can save the day and get the job done when he puts his mind to it.  It is now a little safer to initiate new projects and seek completion and reward for your efforts.  While Urd remains retrograde in Mannaz this is a much slower transit and we might look for its effect upon mankind in general.  The gaze of history is certainly upon us.  More than any preceding generation we have the ability to choose the course humanity will take.  Urd sees into the very depths of time and you can be certain she is reading the long term ramifications of human wisdom and human folly carefully.  As individuals we may think our thoughts and actions are inconsequential but, really, they are the only thing of consequence so make it count. 

Tyr continues its transit through Perthro this cycle.  This is a slightly uncomfortable positioning as the cool, direct gaze of Tyr meets the playful and mysterious waters of Perthro.  We might feel this as a longing for certainty or a sense of frustration that the best course of action eludes us.  The pairing of Thor in Hagalaz offers more potential at this point in time.  If you are seeking to make changes in your life or simply to exist more harmoniously with the world around you then you may want to consider meditation upon Hagalaz as the ‘mother rune’.  The mother rune is also known as the cosmic seed or primal pattern underlying all things.  Where Kenaz offers the power of transformation, Hagalaz is more about evolution – as such it can help you ensure the changes you seek to make are in line with the natural order.

Odin is now within Raidho making this an excellent time for positive communications, organising thoughts and ideas and generally giving your brain a good work out. 

Frigg is now within Wunjo making this a wonderful time to nurture your family, your hearth and your intimate relationships.  Over this coming two weeks why not turn your hand to a bit of crafting or cookery so you have gifts a plenty to hand out when we move into the half month of Gebo. 

Manni’s Chariot is in waxing phase through the first part of this half month and I believe Manni is enjoying his transit through the cold but beautiful rune of Isa.  Manni’s energies remain strong through this half month which bodes well for artists and those seeking to harness the creative potential of Kenaz.

To honour and harness the energy of Kenaz let go of the old and tap into your creativity.  Clear out the shed, have a bonfire, give up a bad habit.  If you are having problems letting go Kenaz can be called upon via meditation to help you truly understand the consequences of your current path.  Any form of creative endeavour honours Kenaz; if you really want to go for it then blacksmithing is the best way to connect with the rune of the forge fire. 

Kenaz reaches its peak at 2am GMT on 23rd September.  Manni’s Chariot will be in Sowilo; this bodes well for the Equinox as the Chariots of the sibling Sun and Moon rarely meet and it is always a time of joy.  Frigg will just have transitioned into Hagalaz making family conflict a possibility – all the more reason to have been making some gifts ready for happy reconciliation through the following two half months!

Raidho will give way to Gebo on 1st October 2018 at 2am GMT.