Sunna’s Chariot moves into Raidho at 07.10 GMT Friday 31st August 2018.  Raidho is the rune of the road.  It brings a sense of order, purpose and intentionality to the Futhark following the wild, primal energies of the first three runes.  The entire half month of Raidho falls under the auspices of Sokkvabekk, Saga’s Hall.  This makes sense as, without Raidho there is no narrative: no beginning, no middle, no end.  Raidho is the steady beat of time, the ordering of events, the rhythm of poetry.

For many of us this marks a time of re-establishing order after a bit of chaos because our children are going back to school!  The joy and mayhem of the summer holidays is over and we pick up the reins once more and re-establish old patterns and habits.  As we move from Ansuz into Raidho take a bit of time to check that your old patterns are still going to work for you.  As Ansuz exits you can ask it to carry away negative habits and patterns as it goes.

This half month there are still a number of planets in retrograde but, like Ansuz, Raidho is a rune of movement and motion meaning you can work with it to overcome some of the obstacles getting in the way right now.  Where the energy of Ansuz is whirling and free, the energy of Raidho is steady, rhythmical and controlled.  Tackling obstacles to your heroic path head on is likely to leave you with a sore head.  Focus on the little things you can control and trust that the universe present better opportunities for you to pursue your overall destiny in due course.  Where you can, use this time to plan and sew seeds for projects you don’t expect to come into fruition until later in the year.  In particular, Loki continues to be retrograde within Jera and Urd retrograde within Mannaz.  Both work to generally slow progress.  Thor in Hagalaz provides reassurance that the divine plan is still unfolding amidst the chaos.

The planet Odin remains in Thurisaz but is no longer in retrograde.  This means the potential for internal and external conflict is still strong but conciliatory action is now possible.  Patience, forgiveness and open-mindedness will enable some unlikely partnerships to thrive (a la Odin and Loki).  Tyr in Perthro has also ceased its retrograde movement making this a good time to evaluate, review and make a plan for the future driven by the power of Tyr and the wisdom of Perthro.

Frigg is right on the cusp moving from Gebo into Wunjo as Ansuz transitions into Raidho.  Matters of romantic and family love move out of a focus on communication and the exchange of ideas into sensuality in its many and varied forms.  Cook a meal, break out the essential oils, plan an evening in and don’t forget to cuddle.

The Moon is in its waning phase until the last few days of this half month.  This makes emotional exhaustion, restless nights and general stress more likely.  Hold on for 9th September for these to abate.  In the last few days of Raidho things should start to feel more positive with a sense of momentum and new energy building as we enter the half-month of Kenaz, the rune of creativity.

To honour and harness the energy of Raidho work with controlled, intentional movement.  Take a walk, do a bit of Tai Chi, yoga or StadrGaldr.  Listen to music while you’re doing the housework or indulge in a bit of drumming.  Don’t be fooled into thinking Raidho is a rune of monotony or repetition.  It is about being present and focused.  It is a rune of evolution, revolution and fruitful adventures into the unknown.

Raidho reaches its peak at 16:40 GMT on 7th September.  Manni’s Chariot will be in Thurisaz lending a sense of urgency and purpose which will start to yield results on 9th September.  Odin will have transitioned into Ansuz creating opportunities for communication, innovation and new spiritual and material journeys.

Raidho will give way to Kenaz on 15th September 2018 at 17:51 GMT.