Ansuz 15th August – 30th August 2018

On 15th August Thurisaz gives way to Ansuz.  Ansuz is Odin’s rune and its literal meaning is ‘mouth, estuary or god’.  Ansuz normally brings new beginnings and a sweeping away of the old.  Even Ansuz may struggle to create much movement with the large number of planets in retrograde at the present time.  The planet Odin itself is in retrograde and currently within Thurisaz which creates conflict and the resurfacing of old enemies and grievances.  Tyr retrograde in Perthro creates indecisiveness, a lack of direction and a feeling of not being able to see the woods for the trees.  Loki retrograde in Jera adds delays and frustration.  Patience will be called for during this half month and a recognition, with Urd retrograde in Mannaz, that we may not be able to follow our heroic destinies during this two week period.  Frigg in Gebo and Thor in Hagalaz counsel us to hold our course, remember the commitments we have made and hunker down until things look a little brighter.

Using this time for rest and introspection is advised if possible.  Ansuz is still a mighty rune and taking time to work with it is worthwhile even if solid results may not manifest for a little time yet.  The moon is in its waxing phase making this an excellent time to draw the power of Ansuz into your life.  Creative writing, breath meditation, penning a letter, singing, listening to music, writing a poem or learning a new language are all good past times to get your Ansuz juices flowing.

Ansuz is sometimes known as the ‘unfetterer’.  It can help loosen any knot, pick any lock, release any burden.  Using a breath meditation to achieve a trance state you can then seek the rune’s assistance in identifying and releasing those things that are holding you back in your life.  Be careful though, Ansuz may be a rune of air but it is immensely powerful.

The first half of the Ansuz half-month falls under the auspices of Breiablikk, Baldr’s Hall making this an excellent time for communication with family – particularly between fathers and sons.  The second half (commencing 21st August) falls under the auspices of Sokkvabekk, Saga’s Hall making this a good time to honour your ancestors in written form, delve into some of the old texts from the northern tradition (see below for some suggestions) or read up on the history of your home town.  21st August and beyond will also be a good time to initiate any form of large writing project.

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