Thurisaz and the storm

Here in the UK thunder storms are expected over the next few days following an unprecedented heat wave.  We will also have a full moon tomorrow so the atmosphere will be crackling with raw power.  At the same time Uruz, the rune of wild strength is giving way to Thurisaz, the rune of raw power.

We will enter the half month of Thurisaz on Sunday but this is a good reminder to me not to follow the rune calendar too rigidly when a rune is clearly manifesting its energy all around me.

If, like me, you love a good storm don’t forget to say a quick hail to Thurisaz, Thor and his mighty Hammer.  If we are lucky Thor will bless the crops and the land with the power of Mjolnir, if ill fated we may well experience the negative side of Thurisaz reminding us that we are always at the mercy of elements.

The courageous out there may want to ask for the blessings of Thurisaz during the storm and before the Moon begins to wane.  Make a triangle over your heart with your hands by locking your fingers, palms down, to make a flat table and forming the downward point of the triangle with your thumbs.  You can either sit quietly and absorb the energy of the storm or chant the rune’s name.