As Sunna’s Chariot enters Thurisaz, Gebo is upon the Eastern horizon and Manni’s Chariot is within Sowilo.

Following the Blood Moon lunar eclipse Manni will be relieved to find his carriage within Sowilo’s radiant house.  During an eclipse it is said that the wolf that chases the Moon momentarily catches it within his jaws.  In days gone by people would shake their fists and shout during an eclipse to scare the wolf away.  As we enter Thurisaz we may experience some respite from the tensions and anxieties on the world’s stage as the shadow of the wolf recedes.

As its half month opens Thurisaz manifests its power as Thor’s Hammer standing upon its shaft like a pair of scales.  Acknowledging the perspective of others and seeking to accommodate their views will bring rewards.  Opinions which seemed fixed may suddenly shift and there are opportunities for parties normally in opposition to reach agreement.

The possibilities for conflict resolution are negatively influenced by the position of the planets.  Indecisiveness and apathy are the likely results of retrograde Loki in Jera, Tyr in Perthro and Odin in Ansuz.  Focus on clear, concise communications and take advantage of Frigg’s position in Perthro by being mindful of the rituals, niceties and points of etiquette that oil the wheels in human relationships. 

As a resident of the UK the runic movements really speak to me of Brexit.  Opportunities to find a positive way through seem limited and fraught with political difficulty.  I take heart that Thor in Hagalaz suggests that, beneath the surface shifts are taking place which may set us back on a positive path.  Hagalaz works in mysterious, sometimes painful ways, but its presence suggests that at some point we will be reminded what matters.  

As Thurisaz peaks on 5th August the Moon will be waning and Mani’s Chariot will be within Laguz.  Odin will also move out of Ansuz into Thurisaz which may hinder judgement as the intellectual self grapples with the instinctive self.  Beware of old wounds which may wrongly influence your decision-making.  Instead of avoiding that which you fear, use this time within Thurisaz to acknowledge that fear and use it as a source of wisdom.