Sunna’s chariot moves into Uruz 14th July – 29th July

The energy of Uruz is wild, fierce and free.  This is not the wildfire but the movement of tides, the flow of rivers and the birthing of mountains.  It is the hooves of the aurochs beating upon the drum belly of the earth.  The aurochs was a symbol of raw, untameable strength and a beast against which men pitted themselves to prove their worth.  The aurochs is now gone, mankind has proven himself capable of mass slaughter – bully for us.

The energy of Uruz today reminds us that if we continue to place the glory and satisfaction of the individual over the good of our planet we will be left on a barren wasteland.

Honour Uruz through supporting wildlife and environmental charities, purchasing sustainably and recycling.  Sports and past times promoting strength and endurance will help you connect with the energies of the rune; these include yoga, weight lifting and long distance running.

Look to Uruz to find the strength to make hard choices.  Initiation into adulthood is no longer about slaying the aurochs, it is about living responsibly and sustainably.

Manni’s chariot

Uruz is an earthy rune but with a secondary link to the moon.  The moon is in waxing phase and in the house of Uruz making this a particularly powerful half month for the rune.  Use the first week of Uruz to cleanse body and mind.  Drumming and purifying rites with water will be particularly powerful now.  A word of caution not to charge in too hard and too fast without thinking during this period; at such a powerful phase ‘bull in a china shop’ and ‘raging bull’ are useful cautionary images.

The moon will transition out of Uruz and enter Fehu at the peak of the half month (21st July).  If you want to make a donation to an Uruz related charity waiting until the Fehu transition will make your money go that extra mile.  The fierceness of the aurochs will be tempered by the nurturing, motherly energy of the primal cow Audhumla at this time and you can expect new projects and plans to go well.

My rune oracles are based on the rune astrology systems of Nigel Pennick and Freya Aswynn.  You can read more on the birth runes page.