Ralph Blum’s Book of Runes

Ralph Blum’s Book of Runes was the first text I read about the runes and it will always hold a special place in my heart.  In retrospect I find the introduction of the Wyrd rune, the re-ordered Futhark and some of the meanings ascribed to the runes to be questionable.  There remains, however, some important wisdom within Blum’s book.  He offers the following advice to rune readers, and those looking to have a rune reading:

Remember that you are consulting an Oracle rather than having your fortune told.  An Oracle does not give you instruction as to what to do next, nor does it predict future events.  An Oracle points your attention towards those hidden fears and motivations that will shape your future by their unfelt presence within each present moment.  Once seen and recognized, these elements become absorbed into the realm of choice.  Oracles do not absolve you of the responsibility for selecting your future, but rather direct your attention towards those inner choices that may be the most important elements in determining that future.

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