Half month of Fehu 29th June-13th July

Things have been moving apace with my re-development of the Magin Rose website and I should really thank the Fehu rune.  As a new cycle begins I feel that the energy of Fehu is all around me pumping new life into the site and clearing blockages (of which there are many!) to get it back up to scratch.

In honour of Fehu I have re-invigorated its web page with sections for all five rune tribes.  I have also published Fehu’s ‘Journey with the Elder Futhark’ on You Tube. I hope you enjoy it!

Hail to the ripening corn!  Hail to the dragon stirring within!    May Fehu bless us with the riches of the earth.  May we share our wealth with generosity so all may be nourished.  May nobility and courage always triumph over greed and selfishness.