Gateway sessions

My gateway sessions are crafted especially for spirited humans and sensitive heroes looking to step into the next evolution of their life and work. They combine seership, practical magic, energetic work and intelligent, intuitive coaching to help you create a more fulfilled and fruitful future.

My clients come to me because glimpsing the future is not what ignites their souls; they already know a better future is possible. What they want is to understand their role in creating that future and to identify the steps needed to bring it into being for themselves and future generations. 

We will spend 90 minutes together allowing for your reading, integration and the crafting of action from what you have received.

Through our time together we will:

  1. Identify the areas where you are seeking insight and create a sacred space for seership work (I will send you some questions ahead of the session to help us make the best use of this time)
  2. Receive wisdom from the runes and any spirit-guides who present themselves
  3. Explore what you have taken from the reading (including further readings where needed) and the actions you want to take as a result
  4. Undertake energetic work (e.g releasing blocks to your path/ guided meditation with one or more runes
  5. Complete with a ceremony supporting you in taking inspired action from our time together

Your session includes a follow-up from me to see how you are getting on and the opportunity for two further coaching sessions if we identify that will be helpful to you.

I would advise anyone to work with her who is stuck in a rut whether physically, emotionally or spiritually and needs a helping hand to get back on their feet again. I have worked with many therapists in the past and Maggie is truly amazing – a leader in her field, and I cannot thank her enough for all she has given me.
Sorrell Robbins

The solutions to life’s greatest challenges are rarely found in our heads. If you need help interpreting the path destiny is offering you, this is the session for you. The runes are a powerful oracular system offering insight into past, present and emerging events. If you are stuck in a particular area of your life or seeking clarity when the way forward is obscured the runes act as beacons illuminating opportunities,  uncovering hidden wisdom and paving the way for deep transformation.

I work with the runes because they are not just oracular vessels; they are also energetic ones. Through our sessions we will identify practical next steps, including healing and transformational work  with the runes. 

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These sessions draw directly on the oracular wisdom and energetic power of the runes coupled with transformational coaching helping you turn that wisdom into empowering and easeful action aligned to your values and purpose. 

Destiny does not happen to us, it is a path we choose to walk.

You have a wonderful skill and sensibility in your work, and I very much appreciate it. Your reading gives me a fresh perspective/story to my truth.
Tina B

Can you feel a big vision waiting to birth inside you?

I work for an extended period with a small number of clients each year to help them birth the dreams that have chosen them. Fill in the form below to enquire about my 1:1 programmes. 


You have a deceptive ease which gives a sense of your experience and I was able to trust you quickly. I found you provided a warm and holding space that gave me nurturing and rest. This brought it's own depth which allowed two important new images to emerge, which I am still working with and gaining benefit from. I would happily recommend you.
Tim Frost
1-2-1 client
Being coached by Maggie has been empowering, fun, and unexpected. She is a great listener, tailoring her coaching to my specific situation in life, and exploring issues and questions to move me along on a personal as well as professional level.
Friederike Beisner
Business & Academic Services Marketing Manager

Other 1-2-1 opportunities

Participants on Birth Runes Soul Journey also receive a 1-2-1 debrief, coaching and intention setting session as part of their programme. Visit the Birth Runes pages to learn more. 

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