Alongside my training programmes and our Hearthspace community I offer two deep-dive 1-2-1 experiences. Each session offers intimate connection with the northern tradition alongside powerful soul-level insight and healing. 

North Star session

Seership and spiritual mentoring supporting your personal journey to increased wholeness and empowerment

Birth Runes

Oracular and coaching support to connect deeply with your personal birth runes and heroic destiny

Please note that booking a North Star session is the first step if you are looking for on-going spiritual mentoring and healing including ancestral healing, past life regression and soul weaving work. If you are interested in more extensive work please do not this in your pre-session questionnaire. 

If you are a member of the Hearthspace inner circle you are also able to book a 1-2-1 Hearthfire Mentoring sessions from your members area. 

Terms and Conditions and Privacy

Please check the Magin Rose Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy for key information about 1-2-1 sessions.