We are each on a unique journey but that doesn’t mean we have to travel alone.  My 1-2-1 sessions are designed to provide deep and intimate connection with the northern tradition alongside powerful soul-level insight and healing.  A North Star session is a precursor to any deeper work with me including ancestral healing, past life regression and soul reclamation.

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Seership and mentoring support to illuminate the path, reclaim power and step into healing.

Looking for support with your seership?  Seeking a pathway into northern tradition spirituality and magics? Craving connection with like minded souls practicing healing, creativity and co-creation?   Or maybe you would just like to work with Maggie for a bit before diving in to more intensive 1-2-1 work?  Then the Magin Rose Hearthspace is for you.

The small print

Please check the Magin Rose Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy for key information about 1-2-1 sessions.