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Welcome to Magin Rose, the home of the northern European mysteries for seers, healers, magicians and mystics.  I have been working for 11 years now to offer resources, training and support for our wonderful community of eclectic practitioners initiating and deepening their relationship with the magical and spiritual traditions of the Germanic lands and peoples.  

The runes and the northern European tradition conjointly form one of the most vibrant and versatile pathways to personal evolution and spiritual growth available to humanity today.  Enjoy exploring the site.     

Here you will find work based on years of research and personal practice guided by Odin, the Nornir Frigg, Freyja and my soul clan.  I write and create as Magin Rose but some of you will know me better as Maggie Rose Cunningham.  You can learn more about me on my story page.  I hope to meet you at one of our events, programmes or in our Hearthspace community in the future!   

Meet the runes

Here at Magin Rose we work with the Elder Futhark, the most ancient of all the rune ‘alphabets’.  Rune means ‘secret, whisper or mystery’ and many languages, including English can be traced back to them.


Discover your birth runes

Humans have always read their fate by the stars.  In my birth runes and runic astrology I have found a powerful compass to guide me.    I am incredibly proud to be able to share this work with you. 


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Meet the Elder Futhark

The Elder Futhark is the most ancient of the rune alphabets.  It is the magical origins of speech and communication in northern Europe – the key to northern consciousness.  The runes can be used for seership, magic, healing and mysticism.

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