Build your powerful personal practice rooted in in the northern tradition

The Western world has forgotten how to nurture its soul-workers.

Our wild, untamed voices have been silenced and cast out to the edges. The parts of us that know what we need, who we are and how to heal have been  educated out of us. The songs of our souls, crying out that we were born for something great have been starved of succour and lulled to sleep. 

But the dream lives on in you.

 If you are travelling unrecognised through a world that is often blind to your most precious gifts know this: you are seen here in all your glory.  If you are (or think you might be) a soul-worker, edge-walker or story-weaver you are welcome at my hearth.

I dream of a world where people of all faiths, spiritualities and beliefs share a deep reverence for our planet. Where our leaders use their power to promote care and curiosity between all peoples. Where heart and head, intuition and intellect combine within and between us to ensure an abundant, green Earth from which we will one day reach the stars.

Maggie rose cunningham - founder

I believe that an essential stepping-stone on our collective road is the re-awakening of personal spirituality and a re-valuing of those born to tend and develop it. I help highly sensitive heroes claim their destinies and take their place proudly within the circle of ancestors.


It is estimated that 20% of people are born highly sensitive to environment, energy and emotions. Care for your soul is the process of tending your highly atuned gifts and pursuing the soul-purpose they reveal to you. 


If I say reiki, chakras or feng shui are the terms familiar? How about runes, seidr or galdr? So many of us are highly skilled soul-workers, bursting with qualifications but unable to find rich and meaningful connection to the spiritual heritage of pre-Christian Europe. My calling as a spiritual trainer is to serve those called by the earth-drum of the ancient Germanic peoples.


How did our ancestors find the courage to cross the seas?  To venture into battle spear in hand? The reading of fate within the stars is found across all ancient cultures. I have spent more than a decade practicing northern tradition astrology to help  highly sensitive heroes like you  connect with your most powerful destiny.


The Elder Futhark is the most ancient of the rune alphabets.  It is the magical origins of speech and communication in northern Europe – the key to northern consciousness.  The runes can be used for seership, magic, healing and mysticism.

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