Build your powerful personal practice rooted in in the northern tradition

Over 1,000 years ago the earth and star magics of northern Europe were sacrificed upon the altars of empire, religion and science. Listen closely. Do you hear the land calling? The voices of the ancestors upon the wind? It's time to get them back.

Leodruna. Vitki. Volva. Forgotten names of an ancient tribe of Elders. Keepers of magic, healing & wisdom from the northern lands. Advisors to kings, tenders of collective-story, soul-workers, dream-weavers, edge-walkers. That is who we were.

Reclaim your personal magic

Are you a magical being? You’d think that would automatically make life easier, more joyful, more fulfilling right? So why doesn’t it always work out that way? Because the world is only fostering a fraction of who you are and what you could be – discover your strongest magical pathway to start putting that to rights.

Reclaim your ancestral magic

Our thirst for deep spiritual healing has taken us across the globe. We have been blessed by the power of the chakras, reiki, tarot, the zodiac, feng shui, shamanism. We have received their gifts and benefited from their healing; they have healed wounds we forgot we even had. Amidst the din conflict and destruction, spiritual and magical tribes are sharing teachings and embracing each other. In their collective wisdom the seeds of a healed world are striving for the light. Only there is a missing link in the circle. An empty seat at the sacred table. It is time for the northern tribe to stand shoulder to shoulder with the spiritual elders of our planet and offer the magic that lives inside. Your magic. Still alive on your tongue, still pulsing beneath your land, still waiting beyond the veils for you to reach out and claim it.

What would it feel like to be able to offer healing and wisdom to a client from a place that their resonated with them at a soul level? To open their eyes to the magic contained in the words they use every day, the letters of their name and the plants on their own doorstep? What would it be like to gift them the language through which they could converse with their own ancestors? To help them claim the ancient stories through which are souls have journeyed over lifetimes?

Awaken to the Runes is the foundation stone, the journey of re-connection through which our magic learns to speak again. 

Do you have Magic in Mind?

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