Build your powerful personal practice rooted in in the northern tradition

Are you a spirited human walking a world that cannot see you? A  sensitive hero struggling to fit in and make your difference? A magical being in a land that doesn’t believe in magic? The world so badly needs your gifts. You are not alone and you are welcome at my hearth. 

My programmes offer deep and transformative connection to the ancient spiritual traditions of northern Europe (click on the links in the picture above to learn more). Each programme has been curated using my expertise as a certified coach, trainer and wild voice facilitator alongside 25 years practicing multiple forms of seership, healing and magic. 

The Western world has forgotten how to nurture its soul-workers…

Has your wild, untamed voice been silenced? Have the parts of you that know what you need, who you are and how to heal been educated out to your edges? Has the song of your soul, crying out that you were born for something great been starved of succor and lulled to sleep? 

…it is time to come home.

My name is Maggie Rose Cunningham and I work with soul-workers and sensitive heroes from all walks of life: therapists, spirit-led entrepreneurs, professors, CEOs, visionary artists. Magin Rose is home to resources, programmes and 1-2-1 support for magical humans wanting to forge a living connection to the earth-based practices of the northern European ancestors and follow the path their soul is hungry for

 People from all spiritual backgrounds are welcome here. As I say in my private and free Hearthspace group (which you are welcome to join):

  • Science and spirituality are equally valued parts of our human path
  • Our planet matters
  • We can constructively challenge each other’s behaviours, but respect each other’s beliefs as sacred
  • We can achieve great things when we work together
  • Every human being should be cherished as a future Elder of the tribe
  • Kindness is everything
  • Powerful personal practice is both authentic and creative

I dream of a world where people of all faiths, spiritualities and beliefs share a deep reverence for our planet. Where our leaders use their power to promote care and curiosity between all peoples. Where heart and head, intuition and intellect combine within and between us to ensure an abundant, green Earth from which we will one day reach the stars.

Maggie rose cunningham - founder

Sensitive Leadership

Soul care and career growth for highly sensitive heroes

Ancestral magics

Sacred story, seership, rune work and healing practices from the northern lands

Your Birth Runes

Destiny-weaving and soul-purpose revealed through runic astrology

I believe that an essential stepping-stone on our collective road is the re-awakening of personal spirituality and a re-valuing of those born to tend and develop it. I help spirited humans and sensitive heroes claim their destinies and take their place proudly within the circle of ancestors.

The Elder Futhark is the most ancient of the rune alphabets.  It is the magical origins of speech and communication in northern Europe – the key to northern consciousness.  The runes can be used for seership, magic, healing and mysticism.

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