The site is structured around five ‘tribes’: mystics, magical practitioners, healers, seers and sages.  This page tells you about how to make the most of the site if you are interested in seership or are already a seer or psychic.

As you browse the site look for the purple bind rune for Seers.  It combines the Perthro,  Nauthiz and Dagaz runes.

Resources for seers

Seership in the northern tradition will most obviously include rune casting and the practice of Seidr.  If we take seership to mean the receipt and relaying of information from sources other than those available to us in the physical world of Midgard, then we should also include practices such as shamanic trance, automatic writing, inspired painting/ dance and poetry, mediumship and encounters with any ‘otherworldly’ beings as types of seership.

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