The site is structured around five ‘tribes’: mystics, magical practitioners, healers, seers and sages.  This page tells you about how to make the most of the site if you are interested in the more ‘academic’ side of the northern tradition or simply want a little more information about the sources of northern tradition lore (which I have personally often found difficult to find).

As you browse the site look for the light red bind rune for Sages.  It combines the Othala and Kenaz

Resources for sages

One of the things I find most frustrating about working in an ‘alternative’ tradition is the sheer volume of unreferenced material out there.  I believe that this sometimes stems from laziness, but also from a belief that anything developed in modern times rather than being passed down from ye olde ancient past is somehow of less value.  Ultimately, all lore stems either from experience or gnosis and in the case of ‘experience’, sometimes received wisdom turns out to be received idiocy.  All I ask for within my practice is to be given information which will help me make an informed decision for myself.  As I develop this site I am also working on my own research and tracing each correspondence and technique as far back as I can – one day this will form a tome which some will undoubtedly find dry but which I hope will help those coming after me avoid years of research and investigation.

Of key importance to me is the development of my personal ‘kenning hoard’.  You can find out more about the kenning hoard on my web page for the rune Kenaz.  For me, the sage combines knowledge from numerous sources which is then filtered through the consciousness of the individual sage – only then does it become wisdom.

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