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A little introduction to Sowilo…

Sowilo symbolises the energy of the sun, the great guiding orb that is carried by the Goddess Sunna in her bright carriage.  The rune brings blessings to sailors as it helps them navigate across the unknown waters and, for those on a spiritual path, it performs the same function – guiding us whether the path is smooth or rough.  In the northern tradition the sun, moon and stars are all thought to be of the same fiery material – shards flung out from the flaming realm of Muspelheim.  Sowilo connects in not just with the sun but also with glittering stars who guide sailors and astrologers as they chart the passage ahead.

The rune is wonderful to work with if you are seeking guidane and clarity upon your path.  It is also very beneficial for healing and is used by healers to assist and guide them.

Traditional meaning:  Sun

Pronunciation: so-wil-oh

Number: 16

Gods: Baldur

Colour: Yellow, green, gold

Elements:  The appropriate element for Sowilo is fire, it represents the great sun wheel, ever turning upon its course.

Hour: 03:30-04:30

Half month: February 12th-February 27th

Plants: Oak, juniper, mistletoe

Body: Heart chakra, solar plexus, used to treat burn and skin disorders and to knit bones and wounds

Animal: Eagle

Mineral: Ruby

Aroma: Bay, sandalwood

Object of power: Shield

Healer smallHealers

Sowilo has come to be associated with healing through the second Mersburg Charm (the horse charm).  In the poem the Goddess Sunna (commonly associated with Sowilo) is one of a number of deities to help heal a horse.  In modern healing Sowilo is often used as the first rune the healer will channel; it is seen above the head slowly spinning and energy is then passed to the client via the healer (similar to reiki healing).  I have personally found Sowilo to be a very healing rune; it gives of warmth and vitality and can guide us towards the healthy, strong, self we strive for.  You will see that many practitioners now associate Sowilo with ‘wholeness’ and life force – these are quite modern associations but do work well with the rune.  Whilst I don’t personally start all healings by channeling Sowilo it is a very effective method and I would certainly recommend that healers seek to work with Sowilo on a regular basis.  Sowilo resonates with the solar plexus and building a Sowilo ‘shield’ (see Mystics below) can also be useful for a healer seeking to not take on negative energies from clients.


Magical Practitioners

Sowilo is a victory rune and is thought to partner well with Teiwaz in matters of battle. In a modern context you might partner these two runes in matters of justice and Sowilo and Mannaz in matters of business and your career.  I have found that a sneaky Sowilo rune added to a bind rune can augment the effectiveness of the spell; its solar nature can be channelled by seeing the rune as a rotating wheel (e.g. through a symmetrical bind rune incorporating Sowilo at the centre) while its stellar aspects (the guiding star) can be denoted through a small Sowilo rune riding just above your bind rune.

When casting a magic circle I have also found that Sowilo works well as a seal at the very top of the circle, set it spinning above you like the sun to guard your space as you work.



Sowilo is a great rune for anyone undertaking shamanic journeying or other rites where part of you leaves your body.  As you will see from the correspondences the object of power for Sowilo is the shield and an examination of the rune’s poems will show its importance in gaining safe passage through uncharted territories.  Inscribe Sowilo upon your body in oil, create a Sowilo pendant or chant the name of the rune to invoke its powers prior to your journey.  Feel its presence strongly around you within the physical space so you know the rune will guide you home safely  Once you are within your journey cast the rune above your head to guide your way and, should you encounter a threat, see the rune spinning in gold at the palm of your hand so that it forms a disc of light – then let it grow to form your impregnable shield.  Sowilo is not an aggressive rune but it will demonstrate your power and the protection you are able to call to you;the energy of the shield will also easily expand around you to form a protective bubble when needed.  Still feel like you might be in trouble?  Then note how well Sowilo and Teiwaz partner (see magical practitioners above) and look to forge yourself a Teiwaz sword as well.



Seers will want to read the Mystics section above on working with Sowilo during journeying.  You may also like to experiment with the use of the Sowilo rune at the top of sacred space (see Magical Practitioners); I have found this particularly helpful for seership rites, presumably because Sowilo lends its guidance as well as its protective energies.  The light of Sowilo will guide seers while they work and its strength and capacity to bind together that which is broken can be useful both for ensuring you don’t mislay your own energies or soul parts as well as work with broken or wounded spirits.

Sowilo connects you to the divine in every way, whether you see this as residing within you, resonating from a patron deity,  or as a more intangible, less anthropomorphised force.  Seers who find it difficult to connect with the more grounding runes such as Uruz or Mannaz may find Sowilo a helpful mediator.  Algiz is also useful in this capacity and, if you are struggling to bring yourself fully back to your body following seership I would recommend drawing the Sowilo rune above you to guide you home and the Algiz rune below you to guide your steps (if you’re lucky it will form a handy bridge for you back to Midgard).



Sages will want to refer to the Mersburg Charm noted in the Healers section above.  The Wikipedia page for this rune is also more developed than some of the others.

What other practitioners say…

Discover Sowilo for yourself: Journeys with the Elder Futhark – The Second Aett

Sowilo is the eighth rune in the Second Aett (second family) of the Elder Futhark.  Visit the Resources page to download your free Journeys with the Elder Futhark – The Second Aett includes the Sowilo journey.

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