The rune pages are designed to help you explore the runes and form deep and meaningful connections with them based on your own interests and practices.  There are lots of resources, which I continue to build on, and suggestions for ways in which Mystics, Magicians, Seers, Sages, and Healers might choose to work with them. 

A little introduction to Algiz…

A figure stands alone in the wilderness, arms upraised to the Heavens; overhead a rainbow appears – the Bifrost bridge leading to the heavens.  The Algiz/ Elhaz rune is a rune of great blessing, it symbolises protection and defence.  As Elhaz it symbolises the elk, or the serated edges of the elk sedge plant; both of these relate to its qualities of defence.  As Algiz it refers to the swan or swan maiden, the fierce and beautiful Valkyrie who chooses the best and bravest from amongst the slain to carry to a place of honour at Odin’s table.

Call on Algiz for guidance, protection and connection with your own guardian spirits and guides.  Its energies will also connect you in to your highest self, the spirit of the divine within you that will guide you true upon your soul path.

Traditional meaning:  Elk sedge, protection, swan, elk

Pronunciation: al-geez/ el-ahz (the first refers to swan, the second to elk)

Number: 15

Gods: Heimdall, valkyries

Colour: Silver, green, rainbow

Elements:  Air is the elements most commonly associated with Algiz; perhaps referencing the flight of the Valyrie or the great arc of the rainbow bridge.

Hour: 02:30-03:30

Half month: January 28th-February 12th

Plants: Lime, Yew, sedge grass, service tree

Body: Head and brain

Animal: Swan, elk

Mineral: Amethyst

Aroma: Juniper, peppermint

Object of power: Blowhorn

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Use Algiz to protect your space before a healing rite and to call on the guardian spirits of those in need of healing.  Algiz connects with the rainbow bridge and can help build connections between the different aspects of the soul including the Fetch (similar to a personal power animal) and the Valkyria (soul seed).  The swan and the elk are both connected to Algiz; chant ‘Al-geez’ to connect with swan energy and the rune’s alternative form ‘El-arz’ to connect with elk.  Feel the powerful wings of the swan opening over you or see the great horns of the elk lifting to the sky and connecting heaven and earth.



A powerful rune of protection Algiz can be drawn upon your body or projected as a shield ahead of you when journeying upon the astral.  Draw it upon you your brown in sweet smelling oils to open your heart and vision to your guides.  Journey through the run to meet your guardian spirits and receive magical tools of protection (feathered cloaks, talismans of antler and shields are examples of the types of gift you might receive).  If you become lost Algiz can lead you back to safety, if you feel under threat in can reveal whether there is danger or not.  Combine it with the Sowilo rune to form a shield of light or use it in conjunction with Eihwaz to create a defensive staff.

Magical-Practitioner-150x150Magical Practitioners

Algiz is commonly used alone or in combination with Othala to protect the home.  You will often see it worn as a personal pendant or tattoo.  Creating your own Algiz talisman/amulet (it is both as it attracts allies and repels enemies), will make it extra powerful; even better is one gifted to you by someone who knows the art of creating runes.  Re-charge your Algiz rune by chanting and/ or connecting to the power source of the rainbow, the World Tree linking earth and sky, or the power of swan or elk.



Look for Algiz in the legends of the swan maidens, the gods who wear feathered cloaks to travel between the realms, and the rainbow bridge leading to Asgard.  The rune is known both as Algiz and Elhaz and its shape has been likened to a flying bird, the horns of the elk and a human figure with arms stretched up to the heavens.  Its shape is commonly found in the supporting beams of homesteads which beggars the question of whether the symbol came before the architectural shape or vice versa.

What other practitioners say…


Algiz with forks pointing up and down

Algiz with forks pointing up and down

Use this rune to connect with your ‘higher self’; in Germanic soul lore this might be viewed as the Valkyria or Fetch but the run is very accommodating to other belief systems.  The Algiz rune journey in the second set of my Journeys with the Elder Futhark series (see below) will help you connect with and explore the Algiz rune.

Stretch our your hands and then draw your little finger and rung finger to your palm leaving the other three fingers splayed – you have now made the rune’s mudra with your hands and can meditate on its energy in this position.  Use the fork of the rune to draw rainbow energy to you or create a double Algiz rune with one fork up and one fork down to draw sky and earth energy to you (try seeing the straight stalk of the rune as your spine and allow the forks to stretch up and down like the canopy and roots of a tree).

Algiz will help you connect with the watcher of the Gods, Heimdal, who guards the rainbow bridge and has hearing so acute he can hear grass grow.  He will bring you much wisdom if you seek him with reverence and follow the northern ways of gift giving.

Discover Algiz for yourself: Journeys with the Elder Futhark – The Second Aett

Algiz is the seventh rune in the Second Aett (second family) of the Elder Futhark.  Visit the Resources page to download your free Journeys with the Elder Futhark – The Second Aett includes the Algiz journey.

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