The site is structured around five ‘tribes’: mystics, magical practitioners, healers, seers and sages.  This page tells you about how to make the most of the site if you are interested in the mystical path of the northern tradition or are already a practicing mystic.

As you browse the site look for the dark blue bind rune for Mystics.  It combines the Teiwaz and Wunjo runes.

Resources for mystics

Mystic is a broad term which I have taken to mean a person seeking the deeper secrets of a spiritual tradition through ritual, contemplation, meditation, devotion or ecstatic practice (e.g. shamanic techniques or yogic practices).  The northern tradition has so much to teach us, so many as yet unplumbed depths which yield great rewards and spiritual growth.  Runic practice includes yogic techniques, chanting and song (galdr), as well as limitless potential for meditation on the meanings of the runes and their connections.  Meditation upon the unfolding of creation from the time of the great void Ginnungagap, through to the flowering of the worlds yields huge rewards.  Odin himself is a master shaman and has much to teach those who will listen and seek his mysteries.  Each of the races living within and upon the World Tree has mysteries to share with those they deem worthy.

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