The site is structured around five ‘tribes’: mystics, magical practitioners, healers, seers and sages.  This page tells you about how to make the most of the site if you are interested in magical practice or are already a magical practitioner.

As you browse the site look for the deep red bind rune for Magical Practitioners.  It combines the Fehu and Ansuz runes to make a double Wunjo rune

Resources for magical practitioners

The northern tradition has a rich magical heritage including: sigilisation and spell work practiced by rune masters; shape-shifting warriors and witches; the magical arts of the dwarves and elves; the Seidr practices for which the goddess Freyja is famous; and spinning and weaving techniques presided over by Frigg and the Nornir.  Soul aspects such as the hamingja (luck and power) and Willa (personal will) can be honed by the magical practitioner.    Ultimately, the powerful magical practitioner will want to combine the arts of the seer, sage, healer and mystic to perform the deepest work of transformation in alignment with orlog and wyrd.

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