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Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used for healing and magic since ancient times. Cultures including Egyptian, Inca, Aztec, Greek and Stone Age European all worked with these beautiful gifts of the earth.  Priests, shamans, magicians and healers used crystals to contain, transmit, restore, rebalance and extract energy; building a huge body of lore around the properties, uses and benefits of crystals, stones and metals.

Today holistic healing is often understood as working with vibration – every object, every energy, every thing has its own vibration which we can work with to bring about change.  Modern science has now confirmed that different crystals resonate at different frequencies, creating unique vibrations.  This discovery helps to explain why crystals of different mineral content, structure, and colour work to assist with particular diseases, disorders and imbalances.

My own training incorporates a shamanic approach to crystal healing.  Shamanic practitioners take an ’animistic’ approach to the world around them, we don’t see crystals as simply having unique properties - we work with each crystal as an individual being, a spirit gifted from the earth to assist us in the healing of ourselves and our world.

Crystal healing works on all levels to bring about physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul-level healing.  Receiving a crystal healing is a beautiful experience which brings about deep relaxation and long-term healing.  I also incorporate crystal healing into shamanic ceremonies as their energies bring powerful support to power and soul retrival work.

Below you will find more information about specific aspects of crystal healing.  I have also put together a selection of books at the top of this page that you may like to look at for more in-depth information about this powerful healing method.

I learned crystal healing from the lovely Bhavna Mistry of Life Healing Values.  She teaches intuitive crystal healing right from beginners level through to incorporating crystal healing into our own established practice.

Working with a healing matrix

A healing matrix is created by placing crystals on and around the body.  Each crystal has unique properties and is ‘programmed’ by the healer with a particular healing purpose.  Each crystal performs its own unique task during the healing, but is also part of a wider matrix which works to balance, release and restore energy across the body.  Common matrixes include the placement of crystals at the chakras, the creation of a balanced pattern around the body, or a clustering of crystals around the centre of a particular illnesses, injury or site of imbalance within the body.  During a healing I will normally adjust the matrix a number of times, removing crystals that have completed specific tasks and positioning new ones to move the healing forward to the next phase.

Working with pendulums and wands

Pendulums and wands are crystals which are not placed on the body, but are rather used by your healer as tools.  You may be familar with the concept of ‘dowsing’ (using a tool to locate a lost or hidden item), this is a very common technique used within crystal healing to find areas on the body that need to be worked on.  Pendulums and wands are also used to connect your matrix together (helping the crystals ‘talk to each other’), clear and extract blockages within the energy body (e.g. opening the chakras and meridians), and promote the flow of healing energy through the matrix.

Colour healing with crystals

Colour healing is a powerful form of healing in its own right, but there is a great deal of crossover between crystal and colour healing because crystals are, after all, prized  for their beautiful colours and brilliance.  I have already mentioned that crystals work with the chakras and, of course, many of the best crystals to use with a particular chakra will share its colour.  On other occasions, a crystal matrix may be made entirely of crystals in a single colour, bringing powerful healing on a particular spectrum.

Spirit guidance

Because I work under guidance I seek to develop a relationship with each of my crystals so that I can understand how best to use them for healing.  My practice is, of course, always guided by spirit and there are times when the guiding spirits and ancestors of people I work with will also come forward to assist in the healing.

What does it feel like?

Different people experience the crystals in different ways.  Some report a gentle sensation such as the flow of reiki, while others feel heat, a pulsating energy moving through them and, every now and then, someone will ask if there was an earthquake during the healing!  It is common for people to feel that they go to a deep, peaceful place during healing and, those who are psychically sensitive may receive messages and guidance during their treatment. No healing is the same but a crystal healer will normally seek to bring you into a receptive state at the beginning so you are open to the healing and will ensure that your energy body is sealed and you are fully ‘present’ before finishing.


I enjoyed my crystal healing session very much, and felt very relaxed and refreshed – similar to the effect I get from a yoga lesson but without actually having do to anything!  I was surprised when Magin told me afterwards that she had detected a problem with my left shoulder and had spent some time working on it.  I had strained the shoulder a few weeks previously and it was causing me increasing discomfort, but I hadn’t mentioned this to her at all.  There was no instant miracle cure, but I’m pleased to report that the pain disappeared completely over the next few weeks.  Linda, North London

 I found Magin provided a warm and holding space that gave me nurturing and rest. This brought it’s own depth which allowed two important new images to emerge, which I am still working with and gaining benefit from. I would happily recommend Magin.  Tim, South East London

Horns of Power

Horned GodI have had lots of fun creating this colour version of my black and white illustration accompanying my piece ‘A Small Mouse’ in Avalonia’s Horns of Power: Manifestations of the Horned God.  I have worked with this magnificent God many times since writing the piece and his many facets never cease to amaze me.  The picture will be available via my on-line gallery in the next few days.

The site is born

This is my very first post on my new site.  The site has been birthed over theYuletide period 2009 and when I say birthed, I mean that it was extremely painful and wouldn’t have occured without the tender ministrations of the lovely Kay Gillard (  Web-pains aside this has been a wonderfully magical time for me, full of exciting new plans, powerful energy work and creative outpourings.

I have high hopes for 2010 and expect much hard work, lots of fun and opportunity. 

Yuletide blessings one and all!

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