My first love was the runes and although I have trained within a number of other traditions I have always been drawn back to my northern tradition roots. I believe that any genuine exploration of a spiritual path enriches the soul.  My conception of the ‘woven soul’ which I have found so helpful within the northern tradition provides me with the freedom to recognise I have led whole lifetimes following other traditions and these remain part of me. My guides, gods and teachers are as varied as they are powerful and inspiring. I spent many years wondering why, where others seemed to find themselves within a single tradition, I could not be comfortable within a rigid path dictated by others, nor could I accept that one path was more ‘right’ than another. Today, I am entirely comfortable with the freedom I have to gather the threads I need from across traditions and draw them into my own soul tapestry – it is in the weaving that unity is found and a solid, coherent path is created. The gaps, spaces and tensions between different traditions and spiritual frameworks should not be ignored (and I am not claiming connections where they are none), but for me these points of disruption, uncertainty and contradiction are opportunities for discovery, evolution and transformation.

In 2015 I will be on maternity leave and will therefore not be running courses. I will be posting new articles and offerings as often as I can but please bear with me!