Half month of Perthro (13th-28th January)

The half month of Perthro commences on 13th January and will give way to Algiz on 28th February.  Perthro’s connections to rebirth, and the links between past, present and future are particularly strong for me at the moment.  You may have spotted that the Magin Rose website is under reconstruction and has been out of action for some time.  When I lost the site I felt terribly disheartened; much of my work could not be recovered.  Perthro counsels me to see the destruction of the site as an opportunity to re-grow it and make it better; some content will come back in its old form, some will be completely new. 

The march of time moves us inexorably toward Ragnarok; the death of the Gods and the destruction of the nine worlds.  Ragnarok is both a time of utter destruction and the signalling of a new order – after all is destroyed the seeds of the past create a new future.  One of the meanings described to Perthro is that of a ‘gaming piece’.  After Ragnarok the new gods find gaming pieces in the grass.  I love Neil Gaiman’s take on this myth; each of the pieces found is a miniature representation of one of the fallen Gods. 

The lesson I am taking from Perthro this year is that we most weave creatively with the threads of the past to create a new future.  Try not to repeat the same mistakes but rather to learn from them. 

And in the spirit of recovery, here is an extract from what I wrote about Perthro in 2011:  

Despite its associations with flooding and devastation , Perthro is normally considered a very positive rune, described as ‘ever play and laughter’ in the Old English Rune Poem.  The actual meaning of the rune is lost to us and there has been much speculation regarding what causes  ‘play and laughter’; some of the most common suggestions include gaming, birthing, luck, sex, singing and alcohol.  The shape of the rune adds strength to suggestions that it might be a lot cup (e.g. a cup for throwing dice, or pieces for divination) and this notion of a cup shape has in turn led to its interpretation as a cauldron, pool – or perhaps the open legs of a woman during child birth.

For me, Pertho is intimately bound up with the act of rune casting.  The rune can be interpreted as a representation of the lot cup or rune bag before casting occurs (in this sense Perthro can represent that which is about to manifest).  When we do a reading for a particular person or situation, we are asking for individual and/or collective Wyrd to be made known to us – as they fall, the runes become a representation of the way in which Wyrd is flowing.  The energy of Pertho starts in stillness within the calm waters of the well, its energy then rises upwards, flowing out into manifestation (perhaps literally as the birth of a child, but also as the manifestation of ideas, hopes and dreams); once it has been made manifest that energy will eventually returns to its source and be renewed within the Well, ready for manifestation once more.

As the Wheel of the Year turns back towards Spring, the energies of the new year are amassing and we may seek guidance on how best to flow in harmony with our individual and collective Wyrd.  Sitting and chanting the name of the rune as a mantra as a means to know your own desires and how to manifest them will be helpful at this time.  Alternatively, now is an excellent time to try your hand at rune casting or to have a reading done for you.