Connecting to the energy of Perthro

Painted Perthro rune stonePerthro is a great rune for mystics because we don’t know what it means, it is a mystery. Its rune poem and its shape are open, simultaneously pouring out its unknown contents and drawing us into its hidden depths. For the mystic, meditation and concentrated focus yield rewards in terms of deeper understanding, new connections and an empowerment of self through this process.

The Pertho half-month begins on 13th January and peaks on 20th-21st January but it is never a bad time to strengthen your connection with the rune!

To connect in with the energies of Perthro try the following meditation and energy working.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, preferably cross legged so that when you do the visualisation your whole body will be within the Pertho rune.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting within the quiet peace of Ginnungagap, the great void before creation. Your physical body remains safe and sitting securely but Ginningagap filters all extraneous thoughts and distractions from your awareness.
  3. Allow the correspondences of Perthro to surface within your mind as they will, don’t try and focus on a particular one, just let the Perthro rune open your awareness to it.
  4. Slowly begin to invoke the rune. I would recommend starting gently with just your breath, softly mouthing ‘Per, per, per, per, per…’ at your own speed.
  5. You are going to visualise a Perthro rune building its energy around you. You are going to see it lying flat on its side so it looks like a cauldron with a flat base and two ‘v’ shaped sides. You can sit inside the shape and, if you let it start spinning, it will become a three dimensional cauldron around you.
  6. As you chant see the spinning base of the cauldron forming. I find silver and black are good colours to use but green is also associated with Perthro and, as it’s a rune of mystery why not try others too? I have found silver/white also resonates strongly with the rune, perhaps because these colours are also associated with the Well of Wyrd.
  7. When you are ready make your chant louder and expand it into ‘Perthro’ (or try the Anglo Saxon variant of ‘Peorth’).
  8. Let the sides of the Perthro cauldron build up from the base around you until you are sitting within the Perthro cauldron.
  9. Allow the energy of the rune to flow through you and as you chant let your awareness return to the rune itself. What mysteries does it have to reveal to you? Where does its energy flow within you? What aspects of your life could benefit from further work with Perthro?
  10. When you have finished allow the Perthro rune to slowly disappear, starting with the sides and working its way back to a tiny dot at the centre where you are sitting before it disappears.

This meditation is also excellent for Seers who will benefit from work with the Perthro rune. The cauldron visualisation also works well as a space clearing and protection method which I have found particularly helpful for Seership rites and as a space for magical workings.