Half month of Berkano 2015

Hail to the keepers of secrets and all things hidden. Hail to the half month of Berkano!

The half-month of Berkano begins on 14th March, peaks on 22nd March and passes on to Ehwaz on 30th March.

Here  the UK the half month of Berkano coincides with the onset of Spring.  This morning it was cold and grey but in the last few minutes glorious sunshine has burst forth and, where a few weeks ago this would have highlighted the glittering white frost upon the rooftops, now the emerald green of new shoots and the fresh whites and purples of crocuses are bright in the sunlight.  I have cut branches bedecked in red flowers from our crab apple and thrown away the dried flowers which have adorned our windowsills this Winter.  Spring, it seems, is truly here.

This week I read a book entitled The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It covers the life of Alma Whittaker, a bryologist living in the 19th century. The explorations of Captain Cook and the rise of the theories of Charles Darwin form the backdrop to Alma’s own explorations of her sexuality, her father’s fabulous garden, and the secret world of moss through which Alma reaches her own conclusions regarding evolution and the innermost workings of nature and the world.  I didn’t plan it that way but the book was strangely apt for Berkano, particularly Alma’s visit to, and recreation of, the Cave of Moss – a hidden, glittering, secret world in green where those seeking solitude and darkness go for respite.

As with all the rune pages this year I am creating articles about Berkano for Seers, Sages, Mystics, Magical Practitioners and Healers.  The Mystics section is already up. Enjoy!