Half month of Teiwaz 2015

Hail to the warriors, the kings and the seekers of truth. Hail to the half month of Teiwaz!

The half-month of Teiwaz begins on 27th February, peaks on 6/7th March and passes on to Berkano on 14th March.

The shield of Sowilo gives way to the sword of Teiwaz at this time.  Like Sowilo, Teiwaz is a guiding rune.  Sowilo’s light shines from within individual soul and in the path of the sun; Teiwaz is the guiding star, it embodies duty, honour and a sense of purpose gifted from without rather than from within.  The truly whole individual will combine the self confidence of Sowilo with the altruism of Teiwaz.  In its negative form Teiwaz can bring fanaticism just as Sowilo can bring selfishness.  In a reading you might expect to find this more negative manifestation of Teiwaz if it was coupled in negative aspect with Thurisaz (if they are both positive then Teiwaz controls and contains the power of Thurisaz in a beneficial way).

Babies born in this half month are likely to need a cause to champion and can do much good if their sense of justice and fairness is channelled into activities where they feel they are making a difference.

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