Half month of Sowilo 2015

Hail to the strengthening sun and the guiding star.  Hail to the half month of Sowilo.

The half-month of Sowilo begins on 13thFebruary 2015, peaks on 20th February and passes on to Teiwaz on 27th February.

Like Algiz before it and Teiwaz after it, Sowilo is associated with guidance. The guidance of Sowilo comes in the form of the sun and, in particular, its use by sailors to navigate the unknown sea.  Babies born within this half-month can work with their birth rune to help them overcome uncertainty and cultivate the sunny, confident disposition which is the positive manifestation of the solar rune.  Like Algiz Sowilo also offers protection, in the case of this rune the protection comes in the form of a golden shield. See more about working with Sowilo for guidance and using the Sowilo shield in the information for Mystics on the Sowilo rune page.