Half month of Isa

Brrrr.   Winter is definitely upon us as the half month of Isa glides in.  Isa is the simplest rune, a single line poised and elegant – this rune symbolises the beauty, stillness, strength and treachery of ice.  If your need-fire, shouting for attention during the half month of Nauthiz, isn’t lit yet, if you aren’t prepared for winter and full of cheerful thoughts of Yule tide, then the half-month of Isa can be a difficult one.  Negotiating Isa is exactly what you would expect of the rune of ice, slow, painstaking and with every likelihood that you will fall on your bottom with a thump at the first ill-considered step.  Some choose simply to sit still and enjoy the shimmering beauty of this glittering, smooth rune, but this in itself can be dangerous as the cold creeps in to your limbs and draws the weak and foolhardy into the deathly sleep of the ice kingdom.

Treachery is only one side of Isa though. If you have wrapped up warm and stoked the fire of hope and determination strongly enough, then the strength and stability of Isa can serve you well in consolidating your ideas and strengthening your resolve.    The immobility of Isa can act as an anchor, steadying the energies of the more volatile runes within the Futhark.  The half-month of Isa presents an excellent opportunity for the consolidation of plans – bringing ideas into solid form.

The Norse rune poem tells us that Isa is a broad bridge, perhaps speaking of the Bifrost bridge that links the realm of the Gods with the realm of man, but also counsells that the blind man must be led.  This may be metaphorical and allude to a ‘blindness’ of delusion which leads the wreckless man off the safe path – but it may also be a reminder that in times of hardship, we should not forget to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than ourselves.  Isa is a rune of caution and consequences, tread with care and wrap up warm and you will be able to enjoy its beauty, stillness and strength safely.