This site is for you.  My content and approach to the runes is eclectic and you will find over twenty years of research, practice and personal gnosis reflected here.  I primarily work with the Elder Futhark.

The runes are so much more than a divination tool.  As you would expect, seers and psychic readers will find lots of information of use to them.  The Seer is just one of five runester ‘types’ I use on the site to help categorise material.  The purpose of providing these role ‘types’ is to help you see the true breadth and depth of what it can mean to work with the runes, and to help you navigate the site if you want to approach the runes from a particular perspective. In reality I hope you try them all and don’t get too hung up on categories.

The site become an archive site in 2015 when my son was born.  It then underwent its own Ragnarok in 2017 and was lost for a while.  I hope it will emerge better than ever but in the meantime please forgive broken links and lack of pictures and resources which I am slowly repairing.