After over 5 years of service Magin Rose will be closing this Summer so that I can take care of family commitments and pursue my own private work for a while.  Thank you for supporting the site and blessings upon your path.

What are the northern mysteries?

The Germanic or Teutonic mystery traditions including related languages and cultural, literary and archaeological heritages.  My work includes runic practice, ecstatic/ shamanic rites, seership (including Seidr), voice work (including Galdr) and healing work (including, for example Anglo-Saxon leechcraft but also energy channelling and shamanic techniques).  If you are looking for a re-constructionist then this site is not for you, I have worked in a number of traditions and each one has enriched and informed my practice.  I am not interested in replicating the work of others but rather in learning from them and developing my own unique practice which honours my teachers but has at its heart my own spiritual evolution and development.

If I can share just a small fraction of the wonderful gifts I have received through work with Odin, the Norns and other denizens of the northern World Tree Yggdrasil. If I can impart to you the vast potential lying within northern soul lore, the northern elements and exploration of the Nine Worlds.  If I can help you work with the runes as gateways of limitless potential.  If I can enable you to make your own connections and gain your own insights into this beautiful and powerful tradition then that is all I can ask.